The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) is divided into seven distinct regions, each of which holds an annual Regional Leadership Development Conference (RLDC) in the spring. Region 5 is made up of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. This year the Region 5 RLDC, under the theme of “Soaring to Success,” is being hosted by the St. Mary’s University and University of Texas at San Antonio chapters.

St. Mary’s University Student Chapter

SHPE StMU was reestablished January 2016 after over 4 years of inactivity. The new chapter was founded by St. Mary’s University sophomores after contacting the Region 5 Student Representative, RSR, Aileen Tapia. The initial contact led to the founders attending the first ever Sub-Regional Retreat, SRR. Further contact with the past Region 5 Vice President, RVP, Brianne Martin and current RVP Fernando Ceballos continued the development of SHPE chapter at St. Mary’s University. That year 15 St. Mary’s Students attended the 2016 RLDC in Houston, TX. Two years later, our chapter almost doubled in size with an even distribution of freshmen through seniors.

SHPE Orange County Professional Chapter

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers – Orange County Professional Chapter (part of the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area) in Southern California was revamped early 2017 by seven initial serving Board of Directors. Since then, the SHPE OC Professional Chapter has been growing and developing into an active chapter focused on community outreach and creating the SHPE Familia with the involvement with the orange county community and student chapters.